Frugal money saving tips
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Saving money is a tough task to most people as it requires one to have the will power and the discipline to be able to forego most unplanned and unwarranted spending of money so as to be able to save. In saving money, the on-start of it is the most difficult part.  Coming up with easy steps and ways of saving money and how to spend the money spent in realising one’s financial goals is also a challenging issue to most people. In this article, Ashleigh Swan money saving tips are going discussed.

Ashleigh Swan, the founder of money saving website, gives the following tips regarding saving money:

For starters, keep a record of all the expenses you incur and the go through them and your bank statements and take note of all the unwanted expenditures and try and avoid them the next time. This helps one in determining the amount of money one wastes every month which in turn, he/she can put it into saving the next month.

Financial experts encourage the use of haggling by individuals for them to get the best price for the commodity they want. Through haggling, they get to save money which in turn they would have spent on the product had they not haggled.

When purchasing a merchandise online, it is encouraged that one first compares the price of the same product through many platforms and chooses the product from the platform with the most affordable online site, thus saving the money in the process. One is also encouraged to follow money saving experts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest as they mostly hunt for the best deals for their followers thus saving them time to look for the deals and money.

Shoppers are also encouraged to use coupons and vouchers while shopping as often as they can as this saves the money. And also while shopping, customers are encouraged to swap from purchasing the usual brands they purchase and try buying the supermarkets own range which is mostly cheaper. This saves money.

Budgeting is also one of the ways of saving money, by budgeting, one gets to prioritise all the important things and avoid impulse buying and overspending. It is also encouraged that when purchasing gifts and presents, one should spread the cost buying the commodity over a period instead of purchasing it at ones.

Ashleigh Swan also encourages shoppers to transfer the remaining odd balances from their current bank accounts to their savings accounts. By doing this, they will be saving money without feeling the pinch of saving money.

Last but not least, shoppers are encouraged to be involved in product testing as it is fun and free and one gets to keep the product being tested. Thus a good way to save the money you had used to purchase the same product. One is also encouraged to enter into all the competitions they come across as in the long run, someone must win, and you might end up being the lucky winner.



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