Best UK Penny Stocks to Buy Now

Despite the fact that purchasing equity securities has always been considered a “safe” way to protect one’s savings, today in the light of current political events, things are placed in a different way than in the past. Choosing the best UK penny stocks to buy now can be a  complex decision. Also, there are several investment attractive opportunities for stocks and shares available for all traders, thanks to binary options brokers.

Amidst the opportunities to win, it is also true that the difficulties have increased. 2017, in fact, will open with a very heavy legacy to which investors will be invited to address. The Brexit on one hand, the Trump win on the other, have profoundly altered the frame. The changes therefore felt in the markets, of course, will afect the price of many stocks and shares.

If you are wondering what are the best UK penny stocks to buy now to invest safely, you will find the answer in this article, even if it is particularly difficult to determine in advance what action or stocks should one invest now. This difficulty stems from the modified framework. Today, there are no more actions that are absolutely safe, but only scenarios that are profoundly variable.

Here are top UK Penny Stocks to Buy Now

  1. Deutsche Bank.
  2. Telefonica SA
  3. Banco Santand.
  4. S&P 500
  5. Russell 2000
  6. DAX
  7. FTSE 100
  8. CAC 40
  9. Euro Stoxx 50
  10. AEX
  11. FTSE MIB
  12. SMI
  13. Hang Seng

So investing in equities also means making a generally medium-term long-term investment, and in any case always taking into account the pros and cons. Until recently it was almost mandatory to invest in equities medium and long term, but thanks to today’s binary options you can invest in shares to buy and sell on the same day itself.

So, in summary, those investing in stocks must take these 3 assumptions into account:

  • Have minimal exposure to financial markets;
  • Have minimum capital;
  • Be able to invest capital for an indefinite period;

How To Buy The Best Stocks Today

Shares can be acquired in different ways:

  1. The “stock market” (Financial Bags)
  2. Through trusted intermediaries (banks, brokers, developers, etc.)

The purchase of shares is bound to result in a minimum capital variations according to parameters 2:

  • Affordability;
  • The price action we intend to buy.

Then, to find the amount we need to invest, we have to multiply the price purchase action for the minimum tradable quantity (lot size) that the broker or financial intermediary offers. The result will give us exactly how much you need to invest for each position. We buy a stock in the hope that it increases or decreases according to our type of investment and in the fastest time possible and then sell it and overbill a profit.

Of course, it all depends on the type of strategy adopted. We buy or sell a stock based on our time, our strategy, which can be as less as a day or may be wait for months or years.

Online trading: Another Way to Invest in Stocks Today

From what has been said above, we can buy and sell stocks or play the stock market, is not really among the easiest systems and fastest to invest money. It always requires an excellent knowledge of the market and the sector in which you wish to invest. This standard that we can define as physiological and spontaneous has become imperative in light of the changed political and economic environment of the Western world.  For example, if you have decided on what are the best stocks to buy in 2017 it is good to speculate what might be the impact of Brexit.

The question that many people are asking is precisely how to make other safe decisions and invest in the stock market. Although not quiet popular, a safe way of investing or practice is online trading with binary options! Alternatively, it is certainly with regard to investments and one must always go with caution and financial knowledge.

How to buy stocks?

Thanks to the binary options, traders can buy and sell shares and earn quick money, using much less money, and with alternative instruments to gain as much as possible.

The particularity of binary options is that the trader buys a defined quantity of “shares”, but invests only on the change in price. For example Ferrari racing emphasizing that, in the next 60 seconds it will be priced higher than the current or even lower depending on the adopted policy type. The difference is where the investment depends on. Described in these terms binary trading may seem obvious, but the reality is much more complex.

Determinants of binary options are:

  • Asset: to represent all individual assets subject to negotiation as per



                        Raw materials

                        Currency pairs

  • Deadline: previously determined by the broker for each option as on the trading platform. This varies from a minimum of 30/60 seconds, until you get to higher maturities which may be monthly or yearly.
  • Direction: Determining the direction of the price of the asset. We will invest therefore in call options or put options. In the first case, it indicates that the price of assets will increase, in the second case indicates that the price of assets will fall.
  • Profit: profit also changes according to the selected binary options strategy adopted. In principle, investing with the classic binary payment options, you can get around 80% profit, but there are also strategies that earn up to 550% which mainly depends of course on the chosen broker, the characteristics of the stocks or the availability of these stocks.

Binary options, is known as an investment for “fixed return”. Or you know in advance how much you can win or lose based on what you invest. Binary Options usually have an average return of 70% to 90%. Obviously, this number varies depending on the type of binary option used and period selected. To get more tips on how to buy the best UK Penny Stocks, you can also follow the advise of some very good financial institutions like Solo Capital which is headed by Sanjay Shah. The firm has been up and standing strong for a very long time and has witness incredible growth with its investment strategies.

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